Scuba Diving Kuwait
Come Dive with Us.
Come Dive With Us
Nothing beats a day underwater! 
Diving with the Pros. is fun and so enjoyable. Be a part of that and enjoy your underwater experience.
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    Private Tours
    We can provide a private tours in Kuwait and Abroad. So you can be more comfortable with your private Instructor/Guide.
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    Group Tours
    Groups are welcomed. We can provide training and tour guidance for you and your group.
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    Diving Training
    Training is one of the most important things for any diver. Our Instructors has been chosen to provides the best training for your safety and enjoyable times.
Diving Courses
Our diving courses are from PADI which its the biggest diving assioiation and well known world wide.
Diving Trips Abroad
Our abroad trips can be made upon your request. And our most visited area for diving is the Red Sea. Click to see some of these trips
Dive & Enjoy it till the MAX with Us.